Bachmann and Trump…………rut roh

Well the Donald has been vetted with no clothes on. Apparently his story about having a high draft number and therefore not getting drafted for Vietnam is falling apart like a Rolex purchased on Times Square.

Seems like the Donald obtained four medical deferments in spite of being quite the athlete in college. Let’s see what spin he puts on this baby. Guess the ever rolling karma wheel is rolling towards the Donald’s heels on this one after he kowtowed to the birthers and wailed and strutted like a peacock onto the national headlines about Obama’s birth certificate.

I had not written about Michelle “Barbie ” Bachmann until now because I did not really know much about her and what little I did know begged the question: ” how in the hell did this genius ever get elected to office?” I am sorry folks but I do not think the people of Minnesota had on their headwarmers for this election.

I will not spend a lot of my valuable words on someone who has the views that she has. All I will say is that she is the “Stepford wife” of politics.


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