Charlie Sheen

The next television show Charlie should start in is Intervention with him as the person needing saving. Is this guy out of control or what?

You talk about a guy whose success went to his head, I thought David Caruso went swellheaded a few years ago but this moron is over the top, overrated and over medicated.

Charlie baby, you are not saving lives, you are not curing cancer, you are not feeding the hungry, you are a television star and a sorry excuse for a human being the way you treat women. Does Denise ring a bell?

How about the current Mrs. Sheen, Brooke?

You are out of control son. The over -under from Vegas on whether you wind up overdosed in a hotel is six months. I will take the under.

I have seen some of the excerpts from your live tour show and you are not funny. Do you realize its the writers from your t.v. show that made you funny?

Only thing you’ve done good is employed out of work porn “actresses” . If you can call slurping the big tube steak protein shake “acting”.

Hey maybe you can christen one wing of the Betty Ford center the “Charlie Is Not An Angel ” wing.

Do some good with your fame and money honey, make your Papa proud.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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