These are the candidates?

The field for the Presidential race is starting to take shape much like the races before the Kentucky Derby determine who is in that prestigious race. Except there are true horses’ asses in the Presidential race and real horses in the Derby.

So far we have Mitt Romney, who reminds me of Lyle Waggoner on the old Carol Burnett show — all looks, no substance.

Newt Gingrich who has been accused of adultery, insensitivity, callousness, and a vision narrower that the blinders put on the horses in the Derby.

We have Sarah Palin who gives 65-year-old white bread Republican males the only hard-on they get monthly without the help of Viagra. Good ol’ Sarah makes Pamela Anderson look like a Nobel Peace prize winner.

Donald Trump, what can I say? Ego? Check. Cute wife? Check. Cute kids? Check.  Money? Check. Insufferable blowhard? Check. Will he win? Probably, but he would have to take a  huge pay cut, don’t think he has “los huevos” to do so.

The Dems? They have the great disappointment, a man who went in with such promise such a majority, the people behind him, a man who made history with his candidacy. While much must be said for his effort at trying to build bridges and consensus when he saw that the Republicans had turned into the NO party, he should have taken that steel fist and put it in a velvet glove and pounded the living shit out of the opposition when he had the chance.

Now the Dems do not have as much power as the first two years of President ICOULDHAVE’s term. They are now scurrying like rats on the Titanic trying to save their country club lifestyles, lifetime retirement, lifetime pensions, and lifetime medical benefits. We the people should have the same opportunity to get medical benefits at a decent price. After all politicians aren’t curing cancer or saving the world are they? We the people need to stop treating them like deities. They take off their pants one leg at a time like we do.

Instead of “Yes We Can” they should have the slogan: “Damn We Could Have.”

I am looking forward to more candidates declaring their intentions to run, the loonier the better. I once ran  for office in my town and I said that when I was little I had two aspirations, to be in the circus and to be in politics. Little did I know they were one and the same.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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2 Responses to These are the candidates?

  1. realily says:

    Instead of “Yes We Can” they should have the slogan: “Damn We Could Have.” — Fucking briliiant, lol.

    Yeah, if he hadn’t been so lame when he had a majority, perhaps he would have “changed” the status quo, but as you pointed out, even when he had majority backup, he just didn’t push his agenda through. Maybe he got used to being a rock star and didn’t want to lose any fans. Either way, like I always said — the guy was too inexperienced to lead a country. And by his lack of decisive action, he has proven that to be true.

  2. Jorge G says:

    thanks, just a frustrating point in time, we seem to be stuck in quicksand

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