What is Governor Queeg afraid of?

The governor of Florida finally agreed to a prescription pill  registry and I will give him props for finally caving in to the will of the people, the legislature, common sense, public opinion, law enforcement, the FBI, the corner hot dog vendor and Mrs.Mc Gillicuddy.

He keeps harping that he is concerned about the privacy of those who get prescriptions. Let me get this straight he is worried about the identity of the drug addicts and dealers who drive all the way down to South Florida to get thousands of Oxycontin  pills and  the like?

Who is in so much pain that they need a thousand pills every three months? C’mon Guv.

Really? He wants to protect the identity of addicts and dealers? Really? C’mon Guv, why don’t we publish the names of the doctors writing prescriptions faster that a traffic cop writing parking tickets in midtown Manhattan?

This guy is worth watching, notice when he does interviews on TV, he doesn’t look straight into the eyes of the questioner, he looks off in the distance. I think I see a reason to check for pods in the back yard of the governor’s mansion.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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1 Response to What is Governor Queeg afraid of?

  1. realily says:

    Thanks. The first paragraph was so funny, I had to catch my breath before reading the rest of your post. The hot dog vendor and Mrs. McGillicuddy? Priceless.

    Well, at least Guv didn’t remain steadfast in spite of every other possible human being in Florida being in disagreement. That has to count for something. I agree about the pods, tho.

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