Stupid questions……..churlish answers

Why do zombies in movies and television walk like they are spastic?  Why is everyone afraid of them? You can outrun them.Answer if you can.

When calling American companies’ customer support ( there’s an oxymoron for you) why do you have someone with an accent on the other end and they read from a script? I like it when I am speaking with someone with an accent who could be any of the following; Indian, from India not a Cherokee, a Pakistani accent, Oriental or even from Zafranistan and I can barely understand them.  This is the way it goes:

Me: I am having a problem with ( fill in the blank, software, misssing pieces of whatever you ordered, missing instructions, unreadable instructions) and I need some help.

Customer service person who has identified themselves with an Anglo name like Bob or Tammy or Kevin or Cathy, who has an accent thicker than my grandmothers’ and sounds like they are in Calcutta or Kandahar or Croatia: “Yes I am so sorry, I will help you today to solve your problem”

No they wont, if it is not on their script, they cant solve it. I have about given up calling my cable provider ( Comcast) on the weekends because, I cant understand their CS people and again its “wait ,I will be right back with your solution” they have to go to the script or worse yet talk to whoever is in charge. Ha, I can tell you what their scripts says. Unplug your cable box for thirty seconds, next solution, they will send a refresh signal to the cable box which never works or they can send a technician out the second Tuesday of the month between six a.m. and one p.m. if the tide is right and the moon is in the seventh hour. The real solution is to get another cable box. Been there, done that.

When did banks start hiring lame and the dense for drive up tellers? Remember when banking and being a teller was a prestigious profession? Now they have these kids that look like they just graduated from high school.

Speaking of banks, what happened in the lobby? Now its one teller behind the counter who is doing double duty helping at the drive thru and the “suit” in the lobby looks like they just got hired from the temp labor pool.

Next Brainiacs behind the counter. Pick’em: fast food joints, mall food kiosks, auto part stores. You either get the vapid glazed look of indifference or it’s the social hour and they are interacting with other employees or clerks from other stores who are stopping by on their break, everyone but you of course. Is the workforce that weak?

We have a local municipality in South Florida called Lake Worth. Their city employees in the utilities department and planning and zoning departments have such disdain for the public that the stories of indifference are legendary. Why do they act this way? The citizens pay for their salaries.

Why do people have disrespect for law enforcement? Man, if an officer tells you to stop and obey, do so, they have the pepper spray, Tasers, and guns. You are outgunned, literally. Sure there are bad cops, but a lot more good ones than bad.

Why do restaurants hire the tattooed and the pierced as servers? At a cool or chic place I can understand but I don’t want to be served breakfast by someone who looks like they work the Tilt A Whirl at the carnival or they just got out of rehab. I have tattoos, some of my kids have piercings and tattoos, so it’s not like we are prudes.

On take out food: Why do you order, they tell you it will be ready in twenty minutes, you time it perfectly and when you get there you hear those seven dreaded words: it will be just a few minutes. Worst  offenders: Chinese restaurants,yes, just based on my experience so sue me.

Appointments:  Why do so called professional sales persons hound you to sell you their services?  You make time to see them and they do not get to you on the time agreed on. Some call you to tell you they will be late, some don’t. Of course don’t get me started on the cable or phone company technician showing up between the hours of eight a.m. to one p.m.

Hairdressers:  If you have an appointment and they are not ready they are poor planners or they were greedy and squeezed someone in before you. Why go back to them?

Doctors:  Why do they overbook? It’s not like there is a shortage of sick people. When I go to my Doctor if they don’t see me within fifteen minutes of my appointment I simply get up and leave. They know me by now, if they are running behind they give me the option of coming back or rescheduling for another day.

What’s you pet peeve? Don’t be shy.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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2 Responses to Stupid questions……..churlish answers

  1. Ily Goyanes says:

    Damn. I hope you didn’t have to deal with all of these in one week.

    I totally agree with what you said about the outsourced customer disservice reps. Foreigners who don’t know what they’re doing, don’t even know the language, and definitely don’t know how to troubleshoot. Every time I hear one say, in an incredibly heavy accent, “This is Tom. How can I help you today?” I just shake my head, and think, “You can’t, Tom-Akbar. You can’t.”

    Good post. I know a lot of people think the same way but are too afraid to say so.

  2. Jorge G says:

    thank goodness no

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