$ENATOR Eric Cantor (R-VA) Represents Corporations Rather Than People

thought I would repost since he took a job with Wall Street


$enator Cantor of Virginia is the darling of the investment community.He is accused of being the champion of hedge funds, private equity firms, and real estate partnerships in their quest to keep tax codes the same as they are currently (which is quite favorable for them), so that they may continue to make vast profits (nothing wrong with profits in general) without paying enough taxes.You see the White House wants to make changes in the tax code to have those companies pay just a little bit more of their profits towards the tax revenues of our country. It is estimated that this would raise $20 BILLION dollars in revenue during the next ten years. For the past four years, $enator Cantor has taken the lead in fighting those changes. Coincidentally his Pacs have received nearly $2 million dollars in contributions from securities and investment firms and real estate companies…

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