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Breakers East 04/10/11

What can I say about The Breakers golf course? Impeccable service, fantastic grounds keeping, attention to detail… Course in great shape, fairways like carpets, greens rolled true. Was not too thrilled with the drink cart — no sandwiches on board (had … Continue reading

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After midnight

Well it looks like those hard-working folks up in Washington hammered out a proposal late last night to keep the government open. What is mind-boggling is that the hold up was over Planned Parenthood In case the Republicans had a bout of … Continue reading

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There you go Guv’nor

In today’s paper I was reading about  the emergency funding that was needed to keep the courts in Florida operating and staffed. I had to chuckle at the quote attributed to Governor Queeg “I got surprised by the court’s budget shortfall,” … Continue reading

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Profiling? Categorizing?

It appears that for simplicity or for taking sides, it has come to two views of everything and no one seems to want to either meet halfway or compromise. There is: liberal/conservative              pro-life/pro abortion tree huggers/oil drillers gun nuts/peaceniks religious … Continue reading

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