After midnight

Well it looks like those hard-working folks up in Washington hammered out a proposal late last night to keep the government open.

What is mind-boggling is that the hold up was over Planned Parenthood

In case the Republicans had a bout of amnesia: Federal law prohibits the use of government money to pay for abortion services please read that again.

So an organization that helps AVOID unwanted pregnancies by planning and counseling (therefore eliminating the need for an abortion, duh) has the Republican  party trying to cut of the funding for staffing and programs???????. AGAIN, none of those funds can go towards actual abortions, does this make sense to anyone?

What is disheartening is that the Dems are trying to be nice and fair and trying to be civil and hold hands and sing Kumbayah instead of using their majority and the power of the White House to get legislation thru.

And this fight is over the promises made to the tea baggers to cut the budget, hey lets start by taxing the richest 1% of the country, what a concept!

Lets have large corporations like GE pay some taxes……………..what a concept there!

Lets NOT have tax breaks for the rich. I know the rich donate to the political parties and there has to be some payback but the average working Joe is carrying the tax burden on his 401k if he even has one left.

That will help balance the budget somewhat


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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