Profiling? Categorizing?

It appears that for simplicity or for taking sides, it has come to two views of everything and no one seems to want to either meet halfway or compromise.

There is:


pro-life/pro abortion

tree huggers/oil drillers

gun nuts/peaceniks

religious zealots/atheists

and the biggest of all: Democrat/Republican

At some point in time I am sure that someone will try to categorize what I am, all I can say is good luck with that. I promise to give you a headache with my views.

I believe in  workers unions, welfare with conditions (not indefinitely) government assistance with same conditions as welfare.

 I am for same-sex marriages and that those people should have the same rights ( insurance, 401K, benefits) as other married couples .

I believe in Pell Grants, minority set asides ( of course the way we are going, minority set asides will soon be for W.A.S.P.’s only).

 I believe in protecting the environment while finding ways to free ourselves from the oil barons, we have the untrustworthy Middle East sheiks ( and I will soon blog about their religious zealotry) and the psychotic despot in Venezuela who can cut our oil supply just like a crack dealer trying to get more production  out of a crack whore.

But I digress, obviously the above is my liberal side, on my conservative side I believe in the right to bear arms, the right to use force to quell insurgency, I believe that America has been and shall always be the World’s policeman. When the proverbial feces hits the fan , who does everyone ask for help? they ask the good-ol U.S. of A. even those American hating snotty French cowards call for us to bail their armpit smelling asses out. However I believe we should take care of home first, we should not have homeless veterans, we should not have any child starving and missing meals and missing basic dental and medical care. We should not have the mentally ill dumped in our streets. And we should have quality education for all.

We should not send a nickel overseas until we have taken care of business at home FIRST, after that, help the world, we always have, we always will.

I believe in the death penalty, you kill, well its the karma wheel running your ass down until it crushes you like a bug. Now they are looking at how the death penalty is administered because of glitches, the criminals scheduled to die suffered an agonizing death.  Really? Really? ask those inhuman monsters if they asked their victims if they were suffering while they were being murdered, raped, set on fire, chopped up, decapitated or sodomized? If they suffered when it was their turn, too  bad, karma is a bitch baby. And don’t even go to the ” I had a tough childhood defense” everyone knows you don’t kill, its wrong everywhere on the planet. Only time it is ok to kill is in self-defense or war. The only thing I agree with those barbarians in the Middle East is their system of justice, you kill, you are killed, you steal, you lose a hand, you rape, you lose your balls.

I believe in a LOAN to bail out any large corporation that could impact the economy and the stock market adversely. Loans are to be paid back with interest. I DO  NOT believe in bailing out the gamblers and speculators on Wall Street. You made bad investments?, you sold worthless derivatives?  Too bad, go back to Business 101 you moraless bastards. The government should not have to bail you out after you gambled and lost. I don’t go crying to the government after the Hard Rock casino leaves me broke after another blackjack crash and burn.

 I believe the elected officials everywhere should have the same medical plan, retirement plan, and benefits that the average working Joe gets. They should not have free health insurance or lifetime benefits at our expense ,their job is not that hard, try being a policeman, fireman, soldier, ER surgeon and the hardest job around: a teacher in middle school. Those folks deserve our gratitude and appreciation.

Anyone caught doing a Ponzi scheme should be in a tough prison like Sing-Sing or Alcatraz used to be, no federal country club. And their victims, no refund from the government, you made a foolish investment without doing due diligence, shame on you. Anyone involved in a Madoff like scam should have to be in jail’s version of Dante’s Inferno. We are the only mammals on the planet that purposely go out of our way to screw other mammals out of their riches. If these ripoff artists spend as much effort on a true profession as they do on a scam they could be rich & successful.

As far as the Democrats versus Republicans that is going on right now, I will say that both sides do not appear to be able to meet in the middle or concede any ground. All I can say is that neither party is doing what is best for America and americans, their agenda seems to be to grind the other party into the ground, that is not in the voters best interests is it?

And the tea baggers? they voted in the people who are going to cut funding to the very programs they are endeared to. I loved the “spontaneous” tea bagger revolts this past year, the genius with the sign that said ” I want the government to keep its hands off my Medicaid” who do you think runs Medicaid Einstein? Who do you think created it?

Well I hope that can give you some idea of what I think, adult discourse is encouraged.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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3 Responses to Profiling? Categorizing?

  1. Realily says:

    This is a fantastic post. A sentient being does not necessarily agree with all the “ideals” of a group, ie., dems or republicans. A thinking person picks and chooses their own beliefs according to what is out there instead of subscribing to the ideology of an organization.

    If you ask me where I stand on one issue, you may determine by my answer that I am a liberal. During the same conversation, you may find that some of my views would be considered conservative.

    I think that a t-shirt of mine sums it up: I think therefore I am not a democrat (or a republican).

  2. NBG says:

    Your blog is a 60%/40% mix of liberalism (60%) , conservitasim (40%) and a 100% of common sense, except maybe for TeaBaggers, we need to mix it up a little. What we need for all Americans to got off the fence, it cannot be 100% party line all the time.

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