Captain Queeg in Florida

In Florida we have a newly elected governor who absolutely has ignored the mandate of the voters and cancelled a high speed train project between Tampa and Orlando with later on down the road( no pun intended) a track heading south to Miami.

We had partial funding from the feds but Guv declined the moneys on his own without consulting with the legislature ( they represent the people , right?) and ignoring the fact that the people of Florida voted for this project a few years ago.

He has also stopped the statewide task force that was cracking down on pill mills,what is he thinking?

He is also trying to pay teachers on the merit system, going against tried and true practices

What have we voted into office? A dictator? An oligarchy? This state is going to be for big business and the working stiff is going to get……………………well ,stiffed

No, Iam not with the rail company, nor am I a teacher it is bad enough to put up with politicians that are out of touch,now we have to put up with one who has his own agenda and is very vague about what that agenda is.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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2 Responses to Captain Queeg in Florida

  1. realily says:

    He stopped the task force that was cracking down on pill mills? Are you kidding me? Well, he’s definitely got the drug addict vote for next election.

    • Jorge G says:

      yes, and he wants to stop the database that was started to keep the names of docs, number of scripts and number of pills prescribed by those type of docs, says its too costly.that seems to be Governor Queeg’s reply to most of the projects he wants to stop.

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